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The MGX III engines: green light for the future

You will find the modern 4-cylinder V3800 on the M95GX III. The engine fullfils the strict Stage IV Final emission standards with ease. This is thanks to the combination of common rail injection, diesel oxidation catalytic converter (DOC), diesel particulate filter (DPF), SCR catalytic converter, and water-cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR).


Convenience beyond the cab

The 190-litre diesel tank and 16-litre AdBlue® tank can be conveniently filled thanks to their low position. Kubota even makes maintenance easy, as all maintenance points on the tractor are very easy to reach.


Economically and ecologically advantageous

Kubota lowered the maximum permissible speed of the V3800 engine for the MGX III from 2,600 rpm to 2,400 rpm. This improvement results in greater comfort for you. The engine not only benefits from lower consumption and less wear, it is also noticeably quieter. Furthermore, Kubota has optimised the power and torque curves of all engines.


Improvements that pay

The other innovations that affect the engine of the MGX III also offer clear improvements. Cooling has been improved by increasing the radiator capacity by 30% and adding two new air intakes in the bonnet. The return on investment for the engines is higher efficiency and longer service life. On account of the higher capacity of the alternator, significantly more electrical power is available for the attached equipment, for instance.


Unique 8 powershift transmission: always in the right gear

Intelli-Shift powershift transmissions allow you to change gears simply by pushing a button. The Kubota MGX III is even better! The automatic mode helps with changing soil conditions and sloped terrain. Simply steer, while the tractor changes the gears for you. Shifting gears is made easy. With unique in their class eight powershift ranges in three groups, you have a total of 24 forward and 24 reverse gears at your disposal. Two additional buttons are within reach to change the powershift speeds.


Smooth, effortless shifting

Our microprocessor allows you to change gears smoothly and effortlessly. By overlapping the powershift speeds, you can find the exact speed needed for the task at hand, thus giving you versatility and minimal shifting.


An option that pays

With the optional creeper speed group, you can in crease the number of speeds to 32 forward and 32 reverse gears. For operations that frequently require low speeds, such as harvesting vegetables or planting seedlings, this option is a must.


Comfortable environment

All important control elements are positioned to optimise your work. You will also appreciate the low noise level in the air-conditioned cab. This provides for optimal environment not only for long work days when needed.


Unhindered views

The panoramic visibility also plays a vital part in your work. The 4-pillar cab features large non-reflecting glass surfaces. The full view allows you to see and avoid obstacles and use the maximum working width. Night visibility is also excellent. With 4 standard headlights and powerful LED work lights as options mounted on the cab roof you can turn night-time into day.


Operation made easy

Kubota believes that ergonomics should help you operate and drive your tractor effortlessly. The control elements are therefore designed to ensure this. Operating the MGX III is easy and intuitive so you can concentrate on your work. The MGX III control panel is arranged so that everything is within reach. Color-coding is also clear (orange: transmission, black: hydraulics, yellow: PTO shaft).


Everything of importance is close

The instrument panel is clearly laid out. Easy to read and with the same design as its predecessors – the Kubota M7001 and MGX III – all of the important operating data is available to you in an instant.


A true power pack

The hydraulic system of the MGX III handles heavy implements with ease. Whether you work with a combi-seeder or a reversible plough, this tractor can handle it. Once again, the hydraulics provide high productivity. These tractors are equipped with hydraulic gear pumps allowing smooth operation of attachments and quick front loader work. External hydraulic cylinders provide a greater lift capacity and simplified operation, while a new pressure relief valve minimises pressure loss. PTO is therefore more powerful when the 3-point power lift is not in use.


Powerful and easy to use

The MGX III has the muscle to lift very heavy elements. Thanks to external hydraulic cylinders, the 3-point Category III power lift can produce a 5,000 kg lift capacity. Its easy and comfortable concept allows you to quickly attach any equipment. Several rear hitch options are available (depending on the market) offering strong coupling for heavy loads.


Excellent responsiveness

For short cycle times in front loader work and immediate response of implements, the tractors have hydraulic pumps with a high-flow capacity. Two hydraulic valves are standard, and up to four valves are optional. This allows you to handle several tasks at once. The flow rate of the pump can be adjusted from the driver’s seat. As a result, you can easily and precisely control all hydraulic functions of the implement.


The gentle approach

Whatever the task at hand, the PTO shaft, with electro-hydraulic clutch, (540/1000 rpm) can be used with a broad selection of rear implements. For increased productivity, the independent PTO shaft can be engaged and disengaged by simply turning the control switch. Automatic modulation ensures a gentle start without having to stop the tractor.


An agile specialist

Thanks to the outstanding traction and unique manoeuvrability of the MGX III, you can master any task in the field, the road, or farm! Even under tough conditions, you will still increase your productivity. At a steering angle of 35° the Kubota bi-speed turn system automatically increases the speed of the front wheels. This makes the tractor extremely manoeuvrable.


Manoeuvring in tight spaces 

The uniquely tight turning radius of the MGX III is also based on its front axle with bevel gear drive. With a 55° steering angle, you can manoeuver with confidence, even in the tightest spaces. The MGX III also has a higher ground clearance than tractors with universal joint front axles. Unlike other tractors, you can drive among tall crops. Even large swaths of hay remain undamaged.


Good suspension

All MGX III models can be optionally equipped with a front axle suspension system. This is a wise investment, as it provides not only greater driving comfort and safety, but also greater tractive power to the ground. You will appreciate the comfortable driving experience without experiencing the fatigue.


Patent formula against slippage

If soft, muddy ground starts to slow you down, switch on the electro-hydraulic differential lock on the front and rear axles! Use the front axle differential lock for straight travel in field mode when slippage occurs. Turning is made easier in all-wheel drive mode.


Useful automatic all-wheel drive mode

Another useful function is the automatic all-wheel drive mode. Once it is activated, the tractor automatically switches from four- to two-wheel drive as soon as it is travelling at a speed of more than 20 km/h. At less than 17 km/h, the all-wheel drive comes back on. The advantages are less tyre wear and lower fuel consumption. Braking performance also improves, which is of great benefit for road travel with a heavy trailer in particular.


Raise your front loader work to a new level

Simple and quick operations are two decisive features that define the combination of Kubota’s tractor and front loader. The tractor has a perfect view of the equipment, including the raised front loader through the pop-up skylight. The front loader offers easy and fast mounting and removal.


Ready to go in no time

Attaching and removing the front loader is easy thanks to the integrated supports and two connection pins. No tools are needed. The Euro quick coupling guarantees mounting and removal of manure forks, pallet forks, bale forks, or buckets in seconds. You can connect the hydraulic lines just as quickly thanks to the single-lever hydraulic quick coupler.


Sensitive, precise operation

Using the cross lever, you can control the front loader with great precision. Within easy reach on the control panel, it offers a very sensitive operation experience. You can use several functions simultaneously thanks to the dedicated control valve, while the tipper bucket control enables short work cycles. Thanks to the hydraulic shuttle lever, you can drive forwards or backwards without using the clutch.


Still not satisfied?

The KSR (Kubota Shockless Ride) vibration damping system substantially minimises the shocks experienced by the driver, which can occur when working on bumpy terrain or during long-distance transport trips. This function can be adjusted or switched on and off using the control below the KSR valve. With two separate connection points, you can make use of the maximum lift capacity or the maximum lift height of the front loader.

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